Save The Birkbeck

Keep the Birkbeck for the community

Meeting of Save The Birkbeck Tavern – 25/9/2012

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More than 60 people packed the upstairs room at the Birkbeck Tavern.
An offer has been made for the freehold of the pub. It is not yet clear who has made the bid and whether it will be accepted although we are told it is from a publican. Information is very limited. More detail should be known soon.

There are now over 2,000 signatures on the petition to Save The Birkbeck Tavern. The Facebook page shows increased activity.

The meeting discussed:
a) Local listing option. Officers from Waltham Forest (WF) Council are planning a “local” listing of the Birkbeck. The report will go to Cabinet in November. Action point: further liaison with officers to see how this new policy would help the campaign
b) National listing option: Officers from WF brought information and it was agreed to have a further meeting to proceed with an application to Engish Heritage for listed status. Action point: Meeting at Council offices and paperwork as background given o meeting and available at the pub, for those who are interested.
c) Possible co-operative and other options will be explored. CAMRA and WF offered assistance in looking at the possibilities to secure the long-term future of the pub.Additional information: Councillors Naheed Asghar, Councilor Kieran Falconer, Dave Seaton (on behalf of John Cryer MP) and CAMRA representatives attended and offered support to the campaign.

WF Officers Gordon Glenday and Ron Presswell gave detailed presentations on the planning laws and policies which are in effect.

All agreed on the community importance of the pub. Birkfest Music Day will take place on October 28th and another group meeting will be scheduled once more information is known on the prospective buyer.

Greer Nicholson, Chair


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