Save The Birkbeck

Keep the Birkbeck for the community


If you’ve ever lamented the decline of old-school drinking establishments with genuine character or felt sad and frustrated as community interests are relentlessly sacrificed for commercial gain, then this one’s for you.
This one’s for anyone who’s ever enjoyed sitting in a traditional British pub, a knees-up in a proper East-End front-room style boozer, or simply wondered who on earth their neighbours are.

Maybe you can’t figure out where all the cool and interesting hang-outs disappeared to. Perhaps you’d like to be allowed to choose what’s best for your area or what should remain part of our cultural heritage now and again.
Please sign the petition (
to help stop The Birkbeck Tavern from being bought by property developers who want to turn it into flats and make themselves loads of money without considering the long-term impact on the local community and the musicians and artists who regularly appear here,not to mention football and real ale fans  Let’s make a collective two-fingered salute on an even bigger scale than John Lennon’s face in the Olympics closing ceremony on behalf of pubs everywhere before the extinction of this wonderful British institution confines us to a standardised, itemised, sanitised Wetherspoonian world of hell.

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